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Succession Planning and Employee Engagement

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Developing and sustaining a successful business is predicated on a few basic concepts, but one that often gets overlooked is the succession plan. Keeping true to the company mission, planning for expansion, sustaining employee losses and preparing for future leadership is the essence of succession planning. An integral piece of engaging employees is providing a… Read more »

LearnNow: Flipped Classroom

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  As the needs and demands of learners continue to evolve, organizations are increasingly looking for ways to maximize value, increase performance while decreasing time to productivity, and get the results they’re looking to achieve. In this highly interactive 1.5 day workshop, you will learn how the flipped classroom model can provide learners and their… Read more »

The Power of Positive Images

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During Black History Month my eyes were opened by two exceptional African American females: Carole Boston Weatherford and Marley Dias. They are linked by a love for writing and a love for reading, but even more importantly, they both understand the value and influence of seeing one’s own resemblance in a book. As an African… Read more »

Developing Company Culture in a Small Business

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Company culture is the behavioral environment that drives your company. On the way to building a successful small business, consuming thoughts of product, services, locations, cash flow and customers devour an entrepreneur’s mind. Small business owners do not typically spend much time pondering the merits of developing an effective company culture, but maybe they should…. Read more »

Eggs and Education Issues, North Carolina Style

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Raleigh Educational Help

As a short-time North Carolina resident and a long-time educator, I was disheartened when I saw other states luring away our state’s teachers with the promise of better pay and more professional consideration. Back in the dark ages of the 1990’s when I was a classroom teacher in Colorado, North Carolina teachers were held in… Read more »

Small Businesses Need an Onboarding System, Too

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Years ago when I developed the workshop “18 Common Mistakes Small Business Owners Make,” one mistake failed to make the list: not establishing an onboarding system. I addressed the importance of taking an idea to the marketplace, securing cash reserves, finding the right location, and using effective communication among other topics, and I still stand… Read more »

Every Student Succeeds

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The latest effort to “fix” public education arrived on the scene December 10, 2015, when President Obama signed the bipartisan Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). President Johnson signed The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) as an attempt to ensure that every child had access to an education. In 2002, George W. Bush… Read more »

Kindness is an All-Year Action

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As my flight was landing at RDU Airport a few weeks ago, I was moved by the pilot’s unexpected parting message to the passengers: “Be kind to one another.” Our world is so volatile and “me centered” these days that kindness seems to be an elusive action. I suspect the pilot’s words were appropriately suitable… Read more »

Don’t Talk about Team building, Experience It

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My colleagues and I are often brought into corporations to do team building. Whether the audience is executive management or employees that work on the manufacturing line, the purpose for hiring my organization is to help teams strategize how to be more cohesive and productive. Early in my career it was theory, structure and small… Read more »