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Planting Education Seeds in the Summer, Part II

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Home Organization 101—Clean House, Clear Mind Welcome to the second blog in a summer series on creating a college-bound culture at home. Organization is an essential component to future success in academics, career and personal life. Our lives are jam-packed with obligations and time is constantly slipping away. Being organized takes a conscious effort, but… Read more »

Planting Education Seeds in the Summer, Part I

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Expectations, Attitude, and Support In all the years that I was a school counselor, rarely did I meet a parent who did not see college in their child’s future. Regardless of family education history, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sex or religion, it was an almost unilateral refrain: “My child is going to college!” Often missing… Read more »

Carolina summer for Tweens and Teens

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Memorial Day weekend has passed and the reality of summer vacation is setting in. Elementary students seem to have endless opportunities for camps, enrichment programs, and play dates. The best thing about planning summers for the younger set is that parents are in charge. Once students reach pre-teen age they want to dictate how their… Read more »

Summer Learning Ideas for Tweens and Teens

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Raleigh Summer Learning for Kids

Summer vacation is around the corner. Students are restless, ready for the school year to end and anxious about the impending time away from friends and routine. The core curriculum will quickly become a fading memory eclipsed by sleeping late and snacking at will. This can be an exasperating time for parents of tweens and teens, but summer does not have to be synonymous with brain drain.

Role Models of Sportsmanship

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Raleigh College Atheletes

Professional sports have an obligation to our youth to provide role models for sportsmanship. According to NCAA Research in statistics released in April 2015, there were 1,093,234 high school football players in 2013-14 and 71,291 NCAA college football players. Many of these young men aspire to play football as a professional and spend hours emulating the style, stance and attitude of current players.

First Gens in Higher Education

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Raleigh College Training

It was refreshing to see First Lady Michelle Obama celebrate higher education at Wayne State University on College Signing Day. Her energy and enthusiasm was contagious among the crowd as she honored students making the awesome decision to commit to attend a college or university in the fall.


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After many years of attending high school sporting events, I have observed that dads from every walk of life and ethnic background grace high school athletic fields and gyms most often when their sons are playing a game. Football and basketball stands are packed with vocal dads.

Class Scheduling Key to College Admissions

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Raleigh College Student Health

A wrong turn in eighth grade could mean limiting options in twelfth grade. In recent years I’ve rarely met a middle school parent who didn’t insist that their child was going to college, but how many of those same parents know the details of their child’s ninth grade class schedule?