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Education Matters

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I am a self- proclaimed NPR junkie. As I drive around town or work in my office the din of the latest flavor of the week blaring from the radio no longer has the appeal that it once had. I much rather learn how someone else lives or listen to the real story behind a national issue.

Whose Dream Is It?

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As my colleague, Nick, and I prepared our presentation for a recent workshop with middle school athletes and their parents, he proposed the idea of opening our presentation with the question, Whose dream is it? At first I was not on board with the idea.

College Board Redesigns Its Brand

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College Board, purveyors of the SAT college entrance exam, is expanding and redesigning its brand. Beginning in 2016 the SAT becomes part of The SAT Suite of Assessments designed to prepare and assess the college and career readiness of students in grades 8-12.

What the heck is FAFSA?

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North Carolina Financial Aid

If you are new to the money hunt to secure financial backing for college let me introduce you to FAFSA. The acronym FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. January 1 of the new calendar year marked the first day a student was eligible to apply for financial aid through FAFSA for the next school year (2015-2016).

College Costs in the Real World

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North Carolina College Education

It is that time of year when many high school seniors are in the middle of an emotional rollercoaster as they await the news that will determine their future. The majority of college application due dates have passed and soon the general admission acceptances will start rolling in.

Social Media bites Student-Athletes

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Social Media Management Sports

Social media is a deceptive interloper parading around as a friendly connection to the world. Every thought is fair game to be laid bare to an unsuspecting audience as if we are all awaiting the next brilliant statement from the coolest platform.

Welcome to APLS Core Connection!

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Welcome to APLS Core Connection, a weekly blog that will cover topics in contemporary education. We encourage comments, criticisms and suggestions as part of a lively conversation on issues that are essential to the growth and development of our youth.