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Where is the Balance?

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Where is the balance?

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but my son is getting married in August. As an independent business owner I thought it would be relatively easy for me to handle both the wedding preparations and my business obligations. I have the privilege of flexibility in my work so I assumed that I was competent… Read more »

There is no I in Team

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Team Building in Basketball

After thirteen years in business I am finally happy with the team I have in place at APLS Group. I could shout it from the mountaintop if my office was near a mountain but it isn’t. Since I run a small business I have always valued the team concept because it is virtually impossible and unwise for… Read more »

A Word to Emerging Leaders

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Leadership Development

I enjoy this time of year because it is full of promise. Colleges are preparing to set their ace players loose to conquer the world with their idealistic theories and assorted alphabet degrees tucked securely under their arms. Wide eyed and tech savvy, they are self-righteous and confident that the world according to their parent’s generation… Read more »

Batter up: Lean In, Lean Out, or Be yourself

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working woman

The debate on whether women should Lean In or Lean Out in the workplace is heating up media outlets all over America. Is it a feminist issue, a family issue or a leadership issue?  Sheryl Sandberg and Lisa Miller have been channeling the ideas of Betty Freidan and Phyllis Schlafly. Sheryl Sandberg, COO at Facebook… Read more »

Workplace Politics Part 2

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“Be civil to all; sociable to many; and familiar with few.” -Benjamin Franklin You have to love good, old Ben Franklin. No matter how modern, sophisticated or new age we think we are Ben Franklin covered the human condition and he often made comments that we now use as quotes. In the last few weeks… Read more »

Workplace Politics

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As I work with various teams in diverse organizations, I have noticed both subtle and overt ways that workplace politics acts as a barrier to successful business communication. The disconnect can reveal itself in promotions, office placements, clients, and raises. The workplace is a political environment much like Washington DC but without the pomp and… Read more »

A Positive Look at the Multi-generational Workforce

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Happy New Year 2013 from the APLS staff! We survived 2012, affectionately called in some circles “the year of the roller coaster” and we have happily embraced 2013. The politicians tried to dampen our spirits by dragging out the “falling off the fiscal cliff” situation to a dire pre-coronary stage before signing on the dotted… Read more »

Manage Your Team

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I think it is a general consensus that the mark of an effective manager is a productive work team. But what happens when a work team produces efficiently minus direction from a manager? Can members of a work team be so competent individually that the manager is a non entity? Recently I had a long… Read more »

The Case of Too Familiar

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As the dog days of summer drag on I resurface. This summer I have relaxed the reigns of business to handle family matters. I lost my role model, my anchor, my nemesis, my protector, my Mother. Since my widowed mother lived alone, my brother and I have had to take care of her affairs. I… Read more »