Workshops for Athletes, Coaches and Administrators

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Workshops for Athletes, Coaches and Administrators

For Athletes, Sports Teams, and Coaches

AthleteDISC Profile

Recommended for athletes 16+. This workshop helps athletes become self-aware about performance to make improvements in their game and take greater responsibility for their behavior on and off the field.

CoachDISC Profile

Coaches will better understand their coaching style and its effect on player performance. Improve communication with athletes and staff for optimum performance.

Sports ManagerDISC Profile

Effective tool to use with recruitment, teambuilding, and professional development. Provides staff with big-picture understanding of the influence behavior has on team management.


For Educators

Everything DiSC®

Increase self-awareness about individual behavior, communication style, productivity, and your contribution to the team. Useful tool for groups that require cooperative behavior to accomplish a task.


Both Athlete Assessments DISC Profiles and Everything DiSC® include a survey to be completed prior to receiving results in a personalized DiSC Profile Report. Report details include insight into personal style, strengths, limiting behaviors, communication preferences, and best performance environments. Our certified trainers will provide consultation to explain results.


Interested in knowing what behaviors lead to peak performance?

To set up a workshop, contact Karen or Joy at 919.424.6304 or [email protected]  or [email protected].

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