Workshops for Parents

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Workshops for Parents

Help your student-athlete embrace their full academic potential.

College and the Business of Athletics** (Parent Version)

Explains the realities of preparation, recruitment, and admittance of student-athletes to college. Introduces athletics as a business and your child as the product. Focuses on information and resources to help you advise and prepare your child for success. (2-hour program)

** Student version also available

Academic-Athletic Connection (Parent Version)

Addresses the importance of adult intervention in the academic preparation for college. Tips on building relationships with coaches, school counselors and teachers. Advice on how to help your student-athlete pick a college that is suitable for him/her in academic and athletic pursuits. The workshop emphasizes “educate, elevate, graduate” with a degree, regardless of the student-athlete’s career choice. (Adjustable 1-2 hours)

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Understanding the ins and outs of college scholarships including athletic vs. academic, terms, student responsibilities, deadlines, and parent involvement in the financial aid process. Several resources included. (2 hours)


Participating in Learning Illumination Center’s Parent Workshops will

  • Give parents an understanding of how to help their student-athlete prepare for college
  • Introduce information to parents that students do not share with them about the academic -athletic connection
  • Provide accessible resources to parents about college, careers, and athletics
  • Help parents understand their involvement in applying for financial aid


Interested in securing your student-athlete’s academic future? To set up a workshop, contact Karen or Joy at 919.424.6304 or [email protected]  or [email protected].

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