Quiet the Generational Noise in the Workplace

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Business writers have published horror stories about the lack of cohesiveness in the global workplace due to the unprecedented reality of having four distinct generational groups in the workplace at one time. To add fuel to the fire, here comes Generation Z, making a fifth entry. If we are having mixed results with four generations… Read more »

Create a Mindset of Building Giants

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Beyond reviewing resumes of recent college graduates, summer is not typically a time to focus on the potential long-term talent and training that can move your organization forward, but perhaps it’s worth consideration. I recently read two excellent books that I consider summer “must reads” for organizational leaders on the hunt for emerging leaders: Mindset:… Read more »

The Value of Professional Coaching

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The word “coaching” immediately brings to mind athletes and sports, but then business discovered that the lessons of John Wooden, famed UCLA basketball coach, produced successful results whether on the court or in the boardroom. People need help getting the best out of the skill sets they already have within themselves. It is not the… Read more »

Nanci joins the National Small Business Association's Leadership Council

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Nanci Appleman-Vassil has accepted an invitation from the National Small Business Association (NSBA) to serve on its Leadership Council where she will advocate for a variety of issues on behalf of small business owners. As a member of both the Health and Human Resources and Economic Development Committees, Appleman-Vassil will draw from her experience as… Read more »

We Received Recertification Provider Status from SHRM

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APLS Group has successfully met the qualifications to be designated as a Recertification Provider with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). This certification allows APLS Group to award Professional Development Credits for its HR programming without pre-approval by SHRM for a two-year period, and it affirms that APLS Group delivers quality programs in the… Read more »

Accreditation in Specialized Workplace Learning Solution

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    PRESS RELEASE Contact Information: Tamara McCullcoch APLS Group 919-424-6339 [email protected] FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Local Consultant Achieves Accreditation in Specialized Workplace Learning Solution Raleigh, NC – March 11, 2016 Nanci Appleman-Vassil of APLS Group has successfully completed the required coursework and examination for The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ Facilitator Accreditation. This two-year… Read more »

Succession Planning and Employee Engagement

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Developing and sustaining a successful business is predicated on a few basic concepts, but one that often gets overlooked is the succession plan. Keeping true to the company mission, planning for expansion, sustaining employee losses and preparing for future leadership is the essence of succession planning. An integral piece of engaging employees is providing a… Read more »

LearnNow: Flipped Classroom

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  As the needs and demands of learners continue to evolve, organizations are increasingly looking for ways to maximize value, increase performance while decreasing time to productivity, and get the results they’re looking to achieve. In this highly interactive 1.5 day workshop, you will learn how the flipped classroom model can provide learners and their… Read more »

The Power of Positive Images

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During Black History Month my eyes were opened by two exceptional African American females: Carole Boston Weatherford and Marley Dias. They are linked by a love for writing and a love for reading, but even more importantly, they both understand the value and influence of seeing one’s own resemblance in a book. As an African… Read more »