Everything DiSC®

Everything DiSC®

What is Everything DiSC®?

Everything DiSC is a personality assessment based on four dimensions that provides an understanding of different behavioral styles found within each of us.


Is Everything DiSC® right for my organization?

Yes! When combined with our informative training, Everything DiSC participants will achieve insight into their own and others’ behavioral style, and they will learn techniques that lead to better working relationships and improved productivity.


What areas of my organization could benefit from Everything DiSC®?

Everything DiSC training can be highly effective in most areas of an organization, but it is particularly beneficial for management training, sales training, HR training, and executive leadership team building.


Are people expected to change their behavior?

Rather than changing their behaviors, participants in the Everything DiSC program start to understand their strengths and potential limitations. Individuals learn how to work with their own behavioral style most effectively for better results in the workplace.


How reliable are the results of the Everything DiSC® assessment over time?

Results of the Everything DiSC assessments will not likely change significantly over time. They provide an accurate snapshot for the selected focus (whether for work or life at home) and the current situation at the time of the training. As long as the focus remains the same, the results will not change dramatically.


How does the Everything DiSC® model differ from others?

The basis for the Everything DiSC model is that participants may find they use all four dimensions in varying degrees and that there is no preferred behavior. DiSC measures observable behavior and helps you understand how you do what you do. In the Everything DiSC training, our coaches will teach participants how to adapt their communication style to best utilize the behavioral tendencies they uncover.


How did the Everything DiSC® Assessment originate?

The DiSC idea was born from the work of psychologist Dr. William Marston who theorized that our behavioral expression of emotions could be categorized into four primary types. Industrial psychologist Walter V. Clarke created the first assessment instrument based on Marston’s theory, and psychologist John Geier later improved the instrument, which led to the Everything DiSC version we use today. Wiley is the publisher of Everything DiSC and several other assessment instruments.


Are there other Everything DiSC® products?

Yes! In addition to our one-day Everything DiSC Workplace training, there are new solutions to teach professionals to better connect with the people they work with in specific applications. The following programs from the Everything DiSC® Application Library are specialized, in-depth, and easily customizable to enhance your DiSC experience:


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For more information on how Everything DiSC® can help your organization, contact Etoria Hill at [email protected] or 919/424-6339.



Everything DISC® Train-the-Trainer Program, 8-Hours


Objective of the Everything DISC Train-the-Trainer Program

Training participants will become proficient in interpreting the Everything Workplace DiSC assessment and be able to conduct training and coaching sessions with confidence.


Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile

Everything DiSC Workplace can be used with everyone in an organization, regardless of title or role, to improve the quality of the workplace. Participants will understand and appreciate the styles of the people they work with, resulting in more effective and productive working relationships.


This one-day workshop empowers trainers, human resource professionals, coaches, and consultants to

  • Learn and interpret the Everything DiSC® assessment.
  • Utilize the model and tools to meet workplace objectives.
  • Understand how DISC can improve employee performance and productivity.
  • Identify specific communication strategies to use with different Everything DiSC behavioral tendencies.
  • DISCover why understanding self and others is one of the keys to performance improvement.
  • Answer FAQ's about the report.
  • Conduct a training session using workbook materials and the PowerPoint presentation.
  • Learn experiential activities to use in training or meeting environments.
  • Have access to a complete Everything DiSC library of assessments and tools.


What do you get?

  • All-inclusive for one low price of $695
  • DISC Train-the-Trainer Class
  • Two personal DISC workbooks
  • A Personal Everything DiSC Workplace Assessment
  • A Personal Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Assessment
  • EPIC account to assign links, branded with your company logo
  • PowerPoint and handouts to conduct a DISC workshop
  • Exam and Certificate with designation of "Trained DISC Facilitator"
  • Group Culture Report - identify the predominate tendencies of a group/team
  • Facilitator's Report - see at a glance the individual styles of the group/team
  • Everything DiSC Comparison Report - compare styles of two individuals who have completed any of the Everything DiSC Profiles


Reliability and Confidence

Everything DiSC remains the most trusted and widely used learning instrument in the professional training industry. It has proven its reliability over the last 30 years with over 40 million users worldwide utilizing DiSC for expert professional training.


Interested in learning more about our Everything DiSC® Train-the-Trainer program? Contact Etoria Hill at [email protected] or 919/424-6339.



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