Maximize People Potential

APLS Group specializes in talent development, leadership enhancement, and human resources support. We provide personalized service designed to increase productivity, improve employee retention, and assist with business needs.

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Develop Talent that Dares to Lead

APLS Group ignites talent to step forward and embrace strategies that are applicable, collaborative, and forward thinking. Our client-centered services are present across diverse industries such as financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and technology.

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Become Leader of the Pack

APLS Group works with clients to target best-of-breed solutions that support desired business outcomes. Our programs build employee skill and competency to increase overall effectiveness and to promote leadership in the workplace.

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About Us

APLS Group

APLS Group is a leadership, HR, and talent development organization that specializes in designing and facilitating programs that enhance employee engagement and maximize retention. We are passionate about our work and strive to provide personalized service by uncovering the real issues affecting our clients’ productivity.

Why Choose Us?

We understand one size doesn't fit all

Our APPROACH is honest and direct. We are in the business of people development at the individual, group, and organizational levels. We value our clients and pride ourselves in providing the best strategies, quality programs, and cutting-edge products and services to support your organization’s needs.

We are PASSIONATE about our work and our client’s success. Our reward is helping each client grow, develop, and succeed.

The LEARNING community model is a critical component of our philosophy. Each person in the organization is “learning as they go” by taking risks, leaving their comfort zone, and engaging in ways of working that support the organization’s goals.

We STRIVE to create a strong partnership and implement the best personalized strategies to support and sustain your people-development needs. When you engage with us, you can rest assured that we will provide a complete professional service, from creation to implementation.

Latest News

  • Harnessing the Power of Work Styles

    It’s not just skills and knowledge that determine the success of an employee or team — the personalities of employees play a crucial role as well. Risk-taking or stability-seeking, direct or diplomatic, people bring very different ways of relating to the world to their work lives. The interplay of these different behavioral styles at work... Read more ».... Read More

  • APLS Group Now Offers Leadout Leadership Training Simulation!

    Looking for a fun, unique way to develop leadership knowledge and skill? Try Leadout: An Experience in Leadership®. Using a real-life business scenario, Leadout offers trainers a stimulating, time-tested, exceptional activity for developing leadership and building teams. Through the power of experiential learning, participants gain direct insight into high performance teamwork, try new leadership behaviors, and explore the... Read more ».... Read More

  • Employee Learning Lets the Light In

    It’s inevitable, and often positive, that we fall into habits at work. We learn ways to do our jobs that work well, or at least well enough, and these habitual ways of thinking and behaving enable us to get things done as needed. The problem with rote ways of thinking and doing is that they... Read more ».... Read More

  • Nanci is Speaking at NCSHRM 2018!

    Please join Nanci Appleman-Vassil, founder/CEO of APLS Group, for her workshop 18 Common Mistakes Leaders Make at NCSHRM’s Legendary Leadership conference on September 25 in Pinehurst, NC. Attendees will learn to identify the common pitfalls of leadership and walk away with tips and tools for leadership success. For workshop times, please visit https://ncshrm.site-ym.com/mpage/microspeakers.  .... Read More

  • APLS Receives HUB Certification

    APLS Group has been certified as a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) with the state of North Carolina. This designation recognizes APLS Group as a woman-owned firm eligible for state procurement and contracting opportunities..... Read More

Upcoming APLS Group Engagements

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