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21 Ways to Elevate Your Team

Strong teams make business better. This year marks APLS Group’s 21st year of supporting professionals, strengthening teams and elevating business. Over the last two decades, we have matured within the leadership and talent development world and grown in our understanding of people, your most valuable asset. Likewise, we’ve watched our own team grow, transform and flourish, helping us to succeed. The performance of teams, and their ability to work toward shared goals is the most essential ingredient for success in any industry, and investing in these skills can yield returns many times over.

To celebrate this occasion, we’re sharing 21 Ways to Elevate Your Team. In four phases, you can Discover, Learn, Create and Transform your workplace, supporting the people that make work wonderful.

21 Ways to Elevate Your Team



Take actions that help you discover more about your team and yourself.

Discover more about yourself and your team to know where you are now and where you want to be. Let APLS Group consult with you to determine what assessments might be helpful to determine your blind spots.  

1) Ask open ended, thought-provoking questions.  Probe for information to understand your team better.  

2) Seek clues. Actions tell all, especially team dynamics. Assess how ready your team is to move forward.  

3) Engage with others to understand them and yourself.  Develop your communication skills to learn about and understand individual passions and styles.   

4) Emotions drive behavior and impact everyone. Take an EQ assessment and expand your emotional intelligence.   


What can you learn from your team and self-reflection?

After the Discovery Phase expand your skills and your team’s skills by learning new tips and techniques. APLS Group delivers top-notch workshops full of effective and proven models and theories plus lots of experiential learning to grow your skills and your team’s skills. 

5) Turn to the tools and resources you’ve collected to improve situations at any time. Assess what is in your skill’s toolkit. What’s missing?  

6Embrace your communication style and be authentic. Expand your ability to read and understand communication styles and adjust accordingly.  

7) Empower others and enable autonomy at work. Give team members the autonomy to act which builds trust.   

8Don’t be afraid to try new things. Encourage your team to be curious, explore possibilities and think of those wild and crazy ideas to generate creative problem solving. Model Failing Forward!  

9) Adapt to new approaches and be confident in change. Learn about the stages of change and how you can help your team adjust.  

10) Coach. Don’t just manage. Coaching builds camaraderie and accelerates growth. Learn to listen more and ask coaching questions while supporting your team members and holding them accountable.   


Form team-building habits that encourage stronger relationships.

Create best practices and effective professional habits through practice of new skills learned in APLS Group’s workshops. We all know that honing a new skill and creating a new habit takes practice, practice and more practice. Let APLS Group partner with you to create positive habits for yourself and your team.  

11) Set expectations and establish common goals. Utilize appropriate Accountability tips to elevate your team’s productivity.   

12) Feedback is a gift. So always make it a two-way exchange. Providing feedback requires enhanced listening and communication skills, trust, and honesty.   

13) Embrace differences and encourage inclusion. Identify similarities and beware of biases in your company, your team and your own actions and beliefs. Create a space for open dialogue and exploration.   

14) Pause between stimulus and response. Remember we can respond in a way that matches our values and corresponds with our goals IF we pause before we respond.   

15) Be candid and respectful. Model and encourage the culture that will bring out the best in your team.   


You’re transforming, and so is your team.

Learning how to engage people and elevate performance is a lifelong process worth the investment of time and money to acquire new skills, learn how to model appropriate behaviors and be able to see the transformation of yourself and your team. APLS Group is eager to partner with you to grow your team.  

16) Uphold accountability. Remember it all starts with you. Accountability implemented well will expand your team’s performance and foster confidence.   

17) Reinvent yourself regularly through lifelong learning. Make lifelong learning part of your team culture.   

18) Model good behavior. Stand up and walk the walk. Model the behavior you wish to see in your team and move them to the next level.  

19) Get things organized. Set priorities and optimize resources. Identify your team’s blindspots and upskill with training workshops.   

20) Share your vision. Know the goals and be able to effectively communicate it. Being able to envision the end goal will keep your team focused and cohesive.  

21) Make APLS Group™ your strategic partner. Through our Corporate Training programs, Public Workshops, and Professional Coaching experiences companies across industries have seen their businesses transform. Discover solutions, see growth, reach new heights. Connect with us.


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