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A Message From APLS Group

By now, I’m sure you have been inundated with information about Covid-19. We wanted to reach out and share what APLS Group is doing to lessen the impact and help support you during this unprecedented time.

At APLS Group, we have made changes. As of Monday, March 16, our entire team is working from home, following the CDC’s guidelines of social distancing. We have canceled all in-person events through mid-April. We are confident these measures will help to ensure the health and safety of our team, clients, and community.

We are taking steps to ensure you’ll continue to receive continuous support from us. We are working quickly to provide creative solutions to support you with virtual programming that is flexible and specific to your current challenges.

Many of you find yourself or your teams working remotely for the first time. Here are five quick tips to make the most of your remote experience. Do these things, and you’ll set the stage for a new normal even after COVID-19 goes away.

  1. Social Distancing Does Not Mean Disconnecting
  2. Make sure your team is scheduling weekly virtual meetings. Take a moment at the beginning of the meeting to do a check-in with each other and make sure everyone is OK; these are stressful times.

  3. Set Boundaries
  4. When there is no apparent divide between home and work, the two can blend together. What hours are you working? Set clear start and stop times for yourself and stick to it.

  5. Find a Place to Work with Little Distractions
  6. You might shut a door, or just put your headphones on if you don’t have a room to work. The more you can designate a working space, it will allow you to better delineate between work and home.

  7. Take breaks
  8. Breaks come naturally in an office environment. Coffee breaks and lunch allow us to walk away from our desks. Taking screen breaks is important for both your productivity and your health.

  9. Most important – stay safe and healthy!
  10. May you, your business, and your family stay safe and healthy while we weather this season together.

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