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An Opportunity For Reflection

It’s been hard to avoid the noise, chaos, and speed of the world around us.

We are now facing a new reality. As much of the world takes a pause, it’s forcing many of us to turn inward and practice reflection.

No doubt that the world is different, and it will not be the same when we emerge. Many of us will be changed when the world re-opens. There is much to be learned from this experience.

Stop, Pause, reflect.

Are you on the right career path? Do you have the right work-life balance? Are your priorities reflecting where you are allocating your time and energy?

Take a moment and ask yourself: What do I need to be doing differently? What is working? What isn’t working? What steps do I need to take to achieve the life I want?

Take a deep breath, count to 10 re-engage.

Nanci Appleman-Vassil

Prior to establishing APLS Group in 2000, Nanci was a corporate training manager for R.H. Donnelley, the largest independent sales, marketing and publisher for the Yellow Pages industry. In this capacity, Nanci provided a full range of training and organization development services, including identifying, coaching and developing managers and other upper-tier employees to build a high-performance culture.

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