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APLS Group is a training and consulting firm that specializes in facilitating individuals, groups, and organizations toward better solutions for increased effectiveness. Through corporate training opportunities, leadership development, and team building, our team of business coaching consultants is committed to providing strategies for development that are relevant, engaging, and productive. Our clients benefit from the diverse experience within our network of highly talented corporate training consultant staff and trainers from around the country.

Nanci Appleman-Vassil Black And White HeadshotNanci Appleman-Vassil Headshot

Nanci Appleman-Vassil

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Prior to establishing APLS Group in 2000, Nanci was a corporate training manager for R.H. Donnelley, the largest independent sales, marketing and publisher for the Yellow Pages industry. In this capacity, Nanci provided a full range of training and organization development services, including identifying, coaching and developing managers and other upper-tier employees to build a high-performance culture.


Anne E Doster black and white headshot
Anne E Doster headshot

Anne E. Doster

Leadership Consultant
Paige O'Luanaigh black and white headshot
Paige O'Luanaigh headshot

Paige O’Luanaigh

Director of Business Development and Leadership Consultant
Madra Britt black and white headshot
Madra Britt headshot

Madra Britt

Executive Coach
Tamara McCulloch black and white headshot
Tamara McCulloch headshot

Tamara McCulloch

Lead DiSC Certification Facilitator
Lisa Downs black and white headshot
Lisa Downs headshot

Lisa Downs

Career Coach
Judith Leibowitz black and white headshot
Judith Leibowitz headshot

Judith Leibowitz

Leadership Consultant
Shirley Appleman black and white headshot
Shirley Appleman headshot

Shirley Appleman

Leadership Consultant
headshot of Christie Ward
headshot of Christie Ward

Christie Ward, CSP

Leadership Facilitator
Jennifer Payne black and white headshot
Jennifer Payne headshot

Jennifer Payne



Nicholas Vassil Black And White Headshot
Nicholas Vassil
Chief Financial Officer
Etoria Hill Black And White Headshot
Etoria Hill
Carly Warner Black And White Headshot
Carly Warner
Graphic Designer
Lauren Calhoun Black And White Headshot
Lauren Calhoun
Operations Manager
Madelaine Pierce Black And White Headshot
Madelaine Pierce
Content Marketing Specialist
Matthew Willis Black And White Headshot
Matthew Willis
Client Experience Manager
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