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It’s very important work you and your team are doing to create this safe space for people during our very challenging time. Cheers to you and your organization!

There is always great work done by the team to be prepared to have a collaborative discussion. I really enjoy the topics and gaining different perspectives on styles and approaches to maneuvering within a business and life setting.

I love the connection to what have you done in the last 168 hours and the reinforcement between sessions. I also like the short nature of it.

The instructor was awesome! She presented the material in a concise and easy-to-understand manner and was great at facilitating conversations around influencing issues. I love that I will be able to apply this training into my daily life immediately. Thank you!

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I really enjoyed the collaboration and appreciated the interaction with colleagues. This training provided a great opportunity to connect with peers throughout the organization and also a tie-in to real-world use/applicability. And the teacher was great!

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APLS Group’s knowledge of the change management process and ability to be flexible with the needs of each group provides managers and employees with the skills to navigate the different stages of change. Managers embrace this process because it gives them tools to effectively lead their teams forward. Employees appreciate the open and honest approach that allows them to focus on where they are in the change process and next steps to successfully manage change.

On behalf of the entire CSS Management team I want to thank APLS Group for a fabulous Effective Presentations Skills program! Speaking with the managers they thought this class refreshed their current presentation skills and offered them some new behaviors to try going forward. Many thanks for helping us develop a strong management team in NC!

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Instructor was knowledgeable and the group was 100% engaged. Liked that it was step-by-step, easy to follow with a lot of examples and practice as well. We all want to take these skills back to better our company.

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I found working with the APLS Group Consultant to be extremely helpful in giving me the tools, insights, and support I needed to launch my job search. The professionalism and vast knowledge of the area job market and the most effective ways to approach that market, gave me the confidence to begin my search.

Great demeanor and style. Wonderful presenter – made subject matter enjoyable. Great advice and comments – really appreciate all the feedback

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The instructor was wonderful. She had great energy, was very knowledgeable, had genuine interest in the audience, and did a great job presenting the information in a manner that was easy to understand.

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I now have increased self-awareness. The training was an eye-opening experience and it gave me more tools for my toolbox.

Thank You! The impact you have made in helping my career through your classes has been so immense and I could never thank you enough! I am now a successful Program Manager of a Global Program and have the wonderful opportunity to have high visibility and impact in my department.

I loved Nanci’s energy, knowledge of the subject matter, and her confidence.

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Nanci is like a great orchestra director – her experience and capacity to hold the class attention is awesome. She is an excellent storyteller and funny woman with high human understanding and wisdom.

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