Our Services

Our Services

APLS Group trainers are experts in delivering and facilitating a range of professional development programs. We use proven assessment tools and customized training designs to increase your team’s effectiveness. Follow the links below to discover how our team can help.


  • Career Development - Targeted at individuals who are looking for work or ready for something different in their career.


  • Leadership Development - Customized and off-the-shelf leadership development programs designed for individuals who want to enhance their skills, or for emerging leaders with high potential.


  • Coaching and Consulting - One-on-one or small group sessions that help executives and leaders gain clarity, remove self-imposed limitations, and develop confidence to increase their effectiveness in reaching their professional goals.


  • Talent Development -  Focused services for individuals who help organizations support and nurture both current and future talent.


  • Team Building Events - Training to engage new or established teams to build trust and enhance communication and problem solving skills in a fun environment.


  • Human Resources Solutions - Consulting and training to help manage current HR functions, ensure compliance, or resolve specific HR issues.


  • Speaking Engagements - APLS Group founder Nanci Appleman-Vassil is a Certified Speaking Professional™ who can address your group and share insights on strengthening teams, developing leaders, or other customized topics.



What Service Are You Interested In?

Career Development

  • Explore your true career passions
  • Create a career development roadmap
  • Get help with writing your resume
  • Learn job search strategies in today’s world of work

Coaching and Consulting

  • Gain clarity of your effectiveness
  • Get yourself and your projects unstuck
  • Explore new and valuable insights about your style
  • Develop action plans and accountability

Team Building Events

  • Improve team communication
  • Increase collaboration
  • Enhance relationships
  • Create new partnerships

Speaking Engagements

  • Inspire a team, work group, or department
  • Work with a breakout session facilitator
  • Get your group motivated to succeed
  • Acquire applicable, “people-related” topics like managing stress, using effective communication, and finding the leader within.

Leadership Development

  • Acquire skills in Leadership Fundamentals
  • Self awareness through 360 assessments & feedback
  • Learn advanced leadership skills to increase credibility
  • Develop High Potentials – next generation of leaders

Talent Development

  • Enhance your influence skills through your presentations
  • Become more aware of your communication style
  • Develop skills to increase your effectiveness
  • Solve people and process situations

HR Solutions

  • Obtain guidance with HR systems set up—policies and procedures
  • Learn best practices for talent acquisition, engagement, and retention
  • Get help with designing a Performance Management System
  • Receive training in HR topics