Five Things to do to Identify and Retain Fantastic Talent!

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Identifying, hiring, training and retaining great talent is quite the investment in time and can be costly to the bottom line. Retaining great people once you have hired them is key to any organization’s success.

1.Ability to Articulate Past Accomplishments and Challenges
It is important that the perspective candidate can articulate their expertise with confidence and competence. This includes sharing their accomplishments and learnings when things didn’t go according to plan in an open and honest way.

2.Look for the Well-Rounded Person
Identify candidates that display a combination of skills, abilities, potential and people skills (ability to communicate).

3.Create a Company Culture that Brings Value
Your company needs to create/exhibit a learning and caring culture, where the employee, associate or freelancer can bring their talents to the table and bring immediate value. A culture where they feel that the value is reciprocal.

Survey fact: 86% of employees are not fully engaged with the company they are working for/with. It is imperative that we figure out ways to embrace and engage. One way is to have one-on-one meetings to find out what makes that person tick – what are the parts of the job they love, hate or are not sure of.

5.On-Going Pulse Surveys
Offering pulse surveys (one every 6 weeks or so) has replaced the annual business effectiveness survey to understand what is going on in the environment. It allows interventions in a timely manner to show the employees you are “listening” and “hearing” them.

Invest in great talent, and they will invest in you. Practice these five steps to identify and retain great talent. Do you have any other ideas that have worked well for you?