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APLS Group Logo - Black Sans-serif Type With Blue And Green Apple Icon To Left

Fresh New Look, Same Great Experience!

APLS Group is excited to announce we are transitioning to a fresh new look!

Our new brand represents the same great experience that has refocused, refined and renewed the behaviors and skills of over 27,000 people. The new brand comes with the same promise to engage people and elevate performance.

19 years ago, Nanci Appleman Vassil took the leap into entrepreneurship and launched APLS Group, a training and development firm. Her dream was never to be a solopreneur, but to be an umbrella for other freelancers. Now, 19 years later we are more than just one person. We have grown into a strong team of 14, enabling us to reach and change the lives of even more people.

It’s time for a new chapter, and it’s time that our brand reflects this. The new look of APLS Group communicates a strong team environment.

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