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In a Gig Economy One Woman Works to Engage and Connect!

In March of 2000 Nanci Appleman-Vassil had been laid-off for the second time in 2 years.

With an education in psychology, education and counseling, she had built a career in corporate training, development and human resources. She had begun to notice a trend, during the down-turn in the economy organizations were looking to trim back, and positions that could be out-sourced were always the first to be let go.

In July 2000 Nanci Appleman-Vassil took the leap into entrepreneurship and launched APLS Group, a training and development firm. Nanci says: “My dream was never to be a solopreneur, but to be an umbrella for other freelancers.” The vision was to help people internally and externally, making APLS Group a hybrid. The connection and engagement of a corporation, but the flexibility and ownership of freelancers working together. Teaching people to have human experiences, relations and connections is the backbone of APLS Group. That is why she emphasizes in person training, meetings and connections.

According to an NPR poll, 1 in 5 jobs in the United States is held by a contract worker and expands into every aspect of the economy. A growing movement towards independent workers, is creating new workplace challenges. Nanci addresses these challenges inside her organization as well as outside.

In 2008 she brought in her first freelancer, in 2013 she grew her team to four. Now the organization includes a team of 14. APLS Group is now a premier provider of corporate training, helping individuals, teams and organizations increase their effectiveness.

As the trend towards contract positions continues to shift, the need for human connection, team building, and leadership will be faced with new evolving challenges. APLS Group has refocused, refined, refreshed and renewed the behaviors and skills of over 27,000 plus people, while working with their own team of freelancers. This kind of ingenuity will lead our new environments.

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