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APLS Group is a leadership and talent development, consulting and training organization that specializes in facilitating individuals, groups, and organizations toward better solutions for increased effectiveness. We are committed to providing training strategies that are relevant, adaptable, engaging, and productive. We offer programs developed by APLS Group as well as custom and off-the-shelf training programs to fit the needs of any organization.

APLS Group is an experienced learning and development company that offers a holistic approach to employee and team development. We believe in an adult learning model that integrates instructor-led, experiential, large and small group sessions with practice to build skills, competencies and confidence. Our clients benefit from the diverse experience of our highly talented trainers from around the country. Our facilitators are well-versed in current employee engagement, team building, leadership development, coaching, problem solving, decision making, and influencing which is critical in increasing productivity and attaining long-term goals for any organization.

Our team members have conducted countless organizational facilitation assignments, delivering personalized service to increase our clients’ productivity. Our trainers maintain certifications in a number of leadership and talent development programs, offering a combined 30 years of experience delivering programming that improves the capabilities of all employees, whether they are line workers, managers, rising leaders, or in the executive suite.

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